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Tourist information

Shiobara where as it is natural life is born

Enjoy in Shiobara, various natural beauty every season.

Shiobara there are wonderful spectacular scenery, sightseeing facilities that can be enjoyed with family and friends,
There are lots of spots such as delicious local ingredients to produce a pleasant journey.
Why do not you look for your own "Shiobara Trip"?

Surrounding tourist information

  • To watch

    • Momiji Valley Suspension Bridge

      As a Muho Goketa Hodo Suspension Bridge total length of 320 m, Kanto Kazuichi.You can enjoy walking in the air while feeling the four seasons.

      ✽ 18 minutes by car from Umekawaso ✽
    • Ryuka Waterfall

      The total length is 130 meters, a magnificent waterfall that falls in three stages.
      Shiobara 10 people It is a famous waterfall that is raised in the forest among the falls.

      ✽ 12 minutes by car from Umekawaso ✽
    • Myojiunji

      The Peony Festival of Shiobara specialty is held from May to June, and the amazing peony blooms blooming.

      ✽ 5 minutes by car from Umekawaso ✽
    • Nanatsu Iwa and Hokigawa

      The blue-green tuff is eroded by the water current and it is in a bizarre form in the early flow.
      It can also be seen from Nanatsu Iwa Suspension Bridge.

      ✽ 7 minutes by car from Umekawaso ✽
    • Inverted cedar

      Shiobara Yawata Shrine designated natural Shiobara Yawata Shrine premises.
      It is called inverted cedar from where branches hang down.

      ✽ 3 minutes by car from Umekawaso ✽
    • Mikaeri Suspension Bridge

      It is a suspension bridge with a total length of 100 m, which is the starting point of a valley trail.
      Crossing the bridge there is a retrospective waterfall viewing waterfall.

      ✽ 16 minutes by car from Umekawaso ✽
  • play

    • Hunter Mountain Shiobara

      Eleven- course ski resort that made use of natural forest.
      From summer to autumn the gondola to the summit is also driving.

      ✽ 20 minutes by car from Umekawaso ✽
    • Hakonomori Play Park

      It is ideal for family trips such as cycle road, athletics etc, centering on vast multi purpose spaces.

      ✽ 1 minute by car from Umekawaso ✽
  • eat

    • Michi-no-eki, Yunoka, Shiobara

      Freshly harvested vegetables and eggs are sold directly with the name of the producer.
      Please have a safe and fresh produce!

      ✽ 20 minutes by car from Umekawaso ✽
    • Western food Lounge "Lamp"(lamp)"

      Shiobara also speaks of a restaurant in the facility.
      We use local ingredients and offer nostalgic Western food.

      ✽ 5 minutes by car from Umekawaso ✽
  • Foot warming variety

    • Japan's largest Foot Bath, Yuppo-no-sato

      You can enjoy a footbath bath while watching the rich mountains of Shiobara.
      You can enjoy the seasonal flowers in the hot spring garden.

      ✽ 6 minutes by car from Umekawaso ✽
    • Foot bath(Nanatsu Iwa Suspension Bridge)

      Foot bath located in the parking lot of Nanatsu Iwa Suspension Bridge.
      You can enjoy footbath while watching the beauty of the valley of Hokigawa.

      ✽ 7 minutes by car from Umekawaso ✽
  • Just a little extended your legs

    • Ouchi inn

      A mountain village that still retains the aspect of the post office in the Edo era period.
      It was an important road that connects the Nikko Imaichi Wakamatsu Metropolitan Nikko Imaichi Aizu✽ 70 minutes by car from Umekawaso ✽
    • Toward the tower

      Enjoy erosion and weathering long years, over a million years.
      It is a splendid scenery which was completed as a result of repeating.

      ✽ 60 minutes by car from Umekawaso ✽