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Seasonal masterpieces interwoven by skilled craftsmen

The delicacy of craftsmen create a seasonal taste.

Its passion is from vessel to cooking.
The dishes that made use of locally harvested seasonal ingredients are exceptional in taste and appearance.
Supper is a room meal, and you can relax and enjoy it.
(For customers with a large number of people, we will prepare a private room.)

Supper starts from 18:00 and 18:30.
Please contact us if you are late for check-in.

Information on cuisine

  • Dinner | Seasonal rich dinner meal

    The dishes are carefully prepared from locally produced ingredients and placed in Arita Ware.
    We will hospitality cooked locally, making use of seasonal ingredients.

    The dish picture is an image.
    plan depends on the contents of the plan.
    Alcohol is not included in the dish.
  • Popular dish specialties

    We have a special taste.

    In addition, there is a plan with bespoke popular "marbled wagyu".
    Please eat it happily.
  • Breakfast | Rice is delicious! Asa-chan of Umekawaso

    We offer Koshihikari from Nakagawa Town, Tochigi Prefecture, Nakagawa Town, Tochigi Prefecture, Japan, with home-grown rice.
    Please feel at ease while feeling the refreshing air of Shiobara's nature.
    For breakfast, a Japanese set meal will be prepared at the venue.
    At the dining venue, you can freely enjoy local brand eggs, natto and drinks.

    You can change your breakfast to a room meal for an additional 1,500 yen (excluding tax) per person.
    Ask when booking.

  • Introduction of sake

    A variety of Japanese sake!
    Recommended local alcohol alcohol.
    In particular, the three types of Daiginjo, which are native to Odawara, are very popular.
    • Local sake

      Honjozo (authentically-brewed sake)【Taka no Tsume】

      Nasu Plateau was created by the clean water and the clear air that spring up in the lush green countryside of the southern end of Nasu Plateau. It goes well in Japanese, and clean Honjozo (authentically-brewed sake) dry wine with a taste.

      Special honjozo【Daina】

      Using organic fertilizer, rice from a contract grower who works on rice making consideration for preservation of the natural environment is used.Modestly rich and sharp gem.

      Pure rice wine【Mizuho-no-go】

      Dry Pure rice wine of light aroma and taste.It is compatible with cooking and you can enjoy it as fully as a meal during eating.


      A Seisen that local fans love from old times.A flavor unique to sake and a rich flavor.Kyokuko is a traditional taste that has supported Kyokuko for many years.

      Pure rice wine【Azuma Rikishi】

      We use as water was charged with underground water of Seiryu Nakagawa River that gushing from Nasudake (Mt Nasu) Clean taste of refreshing fruit incense and sharp taste.

Passion for ingredients

Umekawaso continues passionately every day with the motto "Safe, safe and delicious ones to customers".
  • Passion for rice and eggs

    Anyway I'm stuck with "local produce" ingredients.
    For example, rice is 100% Koshihikari Tochigi Prefecture, which is contract grown with the help of relative Takehara, and also a passion for self-polished rice.
    "This rice is tasty ~" It is rice that customers also have reputation!

    In addition, "Nasu Goyo Egg" has sweetness and richness in the yolk, and stickiness in the white meat, and the raw egg and egg over rice that you eat at breakfast (limited to the venue meal) is the best! I eat too much.
    The chief chef's special Dashimaki Tamago is also delicious!
  • Breakfast passion

    Of course vegetables used for salads and sesame sauce are offered as well as fresh items made in Nasushiobara City and Odawara City.